Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Will You Do If You Have To Swim With Anaconda?

I've been take an english course for about mmm let me see... for about two weeks and I want to share about what have we've done today hahaha

First of all, we've seen some pictures about 'extreme sports', it's funny you know =)))))) I mean, the pictures is not even a real pictures, but some of it (actually the real one is just one picture, the last haha) is an edited pictures =)))) First picure, it's a sport.... riding. Riding a dolphin. =))))))))) and the second befor the last is... surfing. Surfing in tsunami waves. =))))))

And then we splited into groups and discussed about such as extreme sport, adrenalin etc. etc. THEN the topic went to 'Make 5 questions about what scariest activities'. So, Me and Samuel made 4 questions (despite we've been told WE HAVE TO MADE 5) randomly. After that we have to asked random person 3 questions and compare the answer to each other answers.

So, I asked William and he asked me back, i forgot the questions so I won't write that =)))) Then a groups with 3 girls (I haven't knew their names yet) asked me. This is the funny part =)))))

Girls : What will you do if a komodo is in your room?
Me : I will.... scream of course.
Girls : Just scream? What if it's bite you?
Me : I will go to the hospital of course =))
Girls : But you can't! What if the komodo bite you then you're gone die? *A bit yelling*
Me : No! I won't because that will never happen =))

Then I asked them back blablabla then the teacher told us to sat down. Then He said He want Us to make a brand-new extreme sports based from the answers and questions =))))) My group got the first turn to tell what we've made but we couldn't so we pass and be the last turn. Because of that, the next group whom asked me got their turn, and they're said the name of their extreme sports is.... SWIMMING IN AMAZON WITH ANACONDA! =))))) I Loled so hard back then =)))))) Then when our turn to reveal our sports name, we told them our brand-new extreme sports name is..... HUNTING SNAKES IN THE GRAVEYARD........ then it's WRAP. The course done ._.

Well it's funny if I tell you face-to-face but because my english pretty... well not good enough, maybe there's still some wrong grammar or spelling I don't know I can't tell you properly :) I'm still learning, guys :) 


ps : And here's the first picture I've talked about! =))))))))
The teacher said he was googling this picture using google and type the key words 'extreme sports', so I tried it myself then, here's the results =))))


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