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My first recommended book on 2012! And, before I review this book, I want to tell you the 'journey' before I bought 'The Maze Runner'.....

Actually, when I went to the bookstore around my school, I didn't actually went to bought this book but another book. Then someway I saw this book, and it was the only brand new book in the rach was TMR. Then again without any second-though, my hand suddenly took this book then put the other one back then I went to the cashieer then I paid for this book then again and again I went to my home. Honestly, I did not interested in the first and second chapter because someway It was made me bored. So, I closed the book and I brought TMR to my school, read again the next chapter, closed it again cause I was not be able to found where was the intersesting part is. And after school, I went to my english course class, half a hour before the class started so I read TMR again and suddenly, when I begun read TMR again, I found myself already in the near-to-half part of the book. So, in conclusion, I was found the 'interesting' part, and I had been drawn to the story itself.

How can I describe this? The Amazing Runner is like thhe combination of The Hunger Game and Incarceron for me. Somehow I find that TMR have more mistery than The Hunger Game (But, really, nothing can beat Hunger Game for me, well, for now) and have the same confusion around them like Incarceron (or might be way way better).

It started with Thomas (the main charachter) found himself being trapped in some dark box. Then he was enter to the new place he didn't know (or he didn't know but 'seems' familiar). He met Chuck as his guider, Alby as his leader and the other person in that world known as Glade. It kindda difficult for me to figure out what will the story take and I figured it near the end, after half of the book.

And it was made me even shock and confuse in the end of the book and actually I am still thinking about this book when I make this post. Because U KNO WAT? THIS BOOK IS A FUCKING TRILOGY! I just can't! Because previously, when I found myself pretty amused with Hunger Game and did not thought about any sequel, The Hunger Game actually HAD sequels (YES! It's a fucking trilogy too!). I'M MAD. Because, you know, I am not living in the states or europe s I have to wait and sit my fucking ass to sit down until the publisher (here) translate all the sequels into Bahasa! COME ON PUBLISHER! TRANSLATE THOSE THINGS! Sorry, that was.... forget that, please.

So.... The second book that follow The Maze Runner is The Scorch Trials and The Date Cure. And when I read all of the (what is the short story behind the cover back? I suddenly forgot that)-things Synopsis it makes me can't wait any longer to read those!

In conclusion, I didn't expect myself to drawn into the book or like the book so much. But, this book already be one of my favorite book for me. And such a great book to open my 2012-reading-novels-era. The Maze Runner is TOTALLY RECOMMENDED. Moreover if you are the Hunger Game lovers and science-fiction lovers. This book is for you!



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