Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random Story (4)

Actually, for mm.... let me say for about a couple month i've been avoiding some things that came up on my phone. Whether text messages or the messengers (I don't avoid my Twitter because... I just can't). Is it a little bit mean, isn't it? No, I don't think that way. Because I just want to live normally without dependence to my phone AND I don't be a freaky-teenagers-whom-always-playing-his-cellphone-for-every-single-things-happen-and-update-it definitely NO =))))

So..... it happen. Even I don't use any packet for my Phone service and I don't even have 'pulsa' (What is the english for 'pulsa'?????). And I think I don't have to reply all of the messages that sent to me, right? If the message is inappropriate to be reply. I don't want to waste even 1 Rupiah's for some messages to asked 'How are you' because my answer is definitely will be 'fine' or 'not good' and then we have a chit-chat about that and that's DEFINITELY (I said it again) wasting my 'pulsa'. Nowadays, I just reply some messages that important to reply.

But, actually. I don't have to make this random post (eventhough I made it) to declare that I don't have any 'pulsa' right now. It's inappropriate. So I think you are wasting your time read this :)



Maharani Fitri L N said...

wah wah i'm wasting time reading this post. Bubabubaa

Putras said...

It's time to say... Kena Deh! :)

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