Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's about 1 am here and i can't sleep. Well, to be honest, my sleep-schedule is fucked up so I couldn't sleep until 2-3 am usually. So, while I''m waiting to be sleepy, I do some research about "10th March Pisces". Don't ask me why because I basically didn't even understand why. Then I caught myself already opened several tabs reading perfectly accurate articles about 10th March-born beside the fact that I'm not fanatic about health and fitness (how could you be fanatic about health while you can't even sleep on time, huh?). And then I found this:

2013 will be a Number One year for you. Ruled by the Sun. This is a year of action. The seeds you plant now, you will reap later. Others might find you less sociable, as you are busier than ever and you focus on your activities and your needs. Still, you are outgoing and your initiative is stronger than ever. Advice - Stand alone, take action, start fresh, express independence.

"This is a year of action", indeed, this year gonna be my battlefield; facing the most-final exams, prepare for entry the college are my biggest project this year. "as you are busier than ever and you focus on your activities and your needs", I don't know how the writer could describe these things 100% accurate. I mean, these months feels like I've been an introvert lol.

Maybe this kind of thing seems stupid, but I will put it in my mind, remind this as a motivator to myself. 2013 going to be a huge year for me, you, everyone else, depend on your situation. I'm going to prove a lot of things. Just watch and wait.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012 has been the year that I got alot to learn, Good memories, bad memories, unforgetable memories, a lot of things happens this year! But we will still moving forward, right? So..


The only thing I wish for this year is we will gonna be a better person than last year. Whatever you achieve, it's important to be who you really are. Change but don't change! Keep positive, keep dreaming, keep working!

In other words... I put the shuffle on and the first song I heard in 2013 is... Genki Sudo's cover of THE BLUE HEARTS TRAIN TRAIN! The lyrics are so nice and I'm gonna interpret it as I will moving forward and chasing to my goal, you know, 2013 is going to be though and so much things I need to keep it up.

Let's fighting together!!

Friday, December 28, 2012


It's that time of the year again that everybody make their list of what best/worst and of course I'm joining in! The only difference is that I'm not a professional reviewer/criticus/whatever but I listed everything based on my own liking. Beside, 2012 been an exciting year for me because I got a lot of lessons about music industry around the world. So for this year I'm going to make a different list for what's my favorite from 2012 and what I've found in 2012 but not exactly from this year!

For this list also I'm not gonna put it in any particular order, except for the top 10. Hope you like it :)

Rihanna - Numb (featuring Eminem)
Ga-In - Bloom
John Mayer - Born And RaisedLove Is A Verb
Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss
Christina Aguilera - Your Body
Perfume - Point | Hurly Burly *must listen!
Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath
S4 - Driving Me Crazy (Indonesian version)
No Doubt - One More SummerPush And Shove (featuring Busy Signal and major Lazer)
AKB48 - Sugar Rush
capsule - Step on The Floor | Feelin' Alright *must listen!
Lana Del Rey - Cola *must listen!
Taylor Swift - Safe And Sound (featuring The Civil Wars)
MEG - Seventeen Rendezvous *must listen!
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Drinker *must listen!
Ellie Goulding - Only YouAnything Could Happen *must listen!
Linkin Park - Burn It Down

TOP 10

Monday, December 10, 2012



Somewhere on October I saw this arama article about WORLD ORDER new PV and I was just like got nothing to do and open the article and bLOWN AWAY BECAUSE OF AN EPICNESS FLAWLESSNESS WHATEVERNESS. My life has been slayed just then.

You know, that time I was so obsessed with Spending all my time dance (lol lie, the truth is I'm STILL obsessed. I am successfully memorize the NOCCHi and Aa-CHAN's part y'all!!!!!!) so I'm more into dance group. When I saw WORLD ORDER, all I could think is what the heck is SPEED? I mean, that Indonesian dance unit who copy WORLD ORDER IN THe SAME WAY! I mean.... they copying it 100%! Okay, I don't really feels to bashing them so...


Sure, their music is really really hard to find (illegally), even their latest single, FIND THE LIGHT/PERMANENT REVOLUTION is really REALLY hard to find (illegally, I'm considering to buy the physicall thing though), but you can find them on their management YouTube channel.

And, how could you believe that Genki Sudo (the man that almost everytime is in the center position) was used to be a boxer? I mean... what? I also read somewhere that he is an actor, writer, and something like humanitarian or whatever I don't know the english word? And he's only 32, damn, i want to be like him.

i recommend you MIND fucking SHIFT and MACHINE CIVILIZATION. But, duh, of course, watch all of their PVs and performances!!!!

Oh, and don't bother with the illuminati stuff. They're the real shit though, just look at their name it's a damn the new WORLD ORDER.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Indonesia Queen of Pop Agnes Monica has releases her new single Muda (Le O Le O) which is a tie-up with SIMPATI, Indonesia GSM provider (lol I don't know what it's called in english lmao switch using bahasa lol). Muda (Le O Le O) ekslusif untuk pengguna SIMPATI, jadi, cuma kamu yang pakai kartu ini yang bisa download secara gratis!

Speak about the song, M (LOLO) *lol* sendiri berirama up-beat dengan beat drum yang berat, bernuansa militer, seperti yang bakal kamu denger di lagu buatan Diplo/Run The World nya Beyonce, tapi ga dominan. Terlihat sekali kalau lagu ini sangat Agnes, lirik yang bersemangat tentang kepemudaan sealur dengan mottonya 'Dream, Believe and Make It Happen'. Yang menarik, Agnes tetap memasukkan element musik tradisional di awal-awal menit lagu ini. Which is good! Not to mention how catchy the song itself, damn, Agnes you've improved so much!

Paralyzed could NEVER.

Buat kalian yang bertanya-tanya apa itu (Le O Le O), jangan tanya Saya.. Saya juga gatau.

Engga juga sih, sebenernya (Le O Le O) itu lirik yang Agnes nyanyiin, semacam yaaa seperti lagu-lagu dance-pop jaman sekarang yang ada (OuuuOuuOOOOO) nya gitu, ngerti ga? Dan buat yang nge-judge lagu ini berdasarkan judulnya..... judul ga mencerminkan lagu ini. Muda (Le O Le O) sudah jauh lebih superior dibandingkan dengan lagu-lagu di pasaran Indonesia pada umumnya dengan lirik yang empowering dan beat yang catchy dijamin bakal stuck di otak kamu selama beberapa waktu. Walaupun lagu ini Saya rasa belum terlalu kuat untuk pasar internasional.

Muda (Le O Le O), bisa jadi sebagai tanda era baru Agnes Monica di Indonesia, ataupun ancang-ancang Agnes untuk dunia internasional, atau mungkin memang single promosi untuk suatu perusahaan. Apapun itu, Agnes Monica sudah membuktikan kita bahwa sejak Sacredly Agnezious, Agnes bisa disejajarkan (atau diakui) sebagai salah satu pembuat lagu yang mumpuni. Dengan adanya single ini dan performancenya yang semakin kelas wahid, Saya ga sabar buat lihat ke arah mana Agnes akan berlari :)


Nb: Buat yang pake SIMPATI silahkan download di *999#, buat yang bukan tapi ingin denger nih buat kamu, jangan di RIP ya, support Agnes, support musisi Indonesia :) 

Friday, November 9, 2012



You know that i love me som Warm Bodies. I've passed the day when I trashed this book so much but hell, i LOVE it now. And, of course, at the 1st February of 2013 I WILL WATCH THIS MOVIE!

But to be honest, the movie seems to be lighter than the book, which is darker. But yeah, I'm sure it's gonna be good, judge from its trailer though.... And, I keep thinking Nora is black. No racist things but I always imagine her as a badass black-girl, it's much more fun to  me idk


Sunday, October 28, 2012


PECEL LELE (Renungan, untuk bersyukur)

Just as a reminder...
Cerita ini diforward dari Pak Ismail A Said (Wartawan Senior
Republika) :
Karena hujan yg tdk kunjung berhenti, akhirnya saya memutuskan
menerobos hujan karena hari sdh malam...
sampai di Tegalega, perut sdh tdk bisa diajak kompromi lagi, akhirnya
saya memutuskan mampir diwarung nasi tenda dipinggir jalan,
lagi asyik menikmati pecel lele, masuklah seorang bapak, dg istri & 2 anaknya..
Yg menarik adalah kendaraan mereka yaitu gerobak dorong..
Lalu bapak ini memesan 2 piring nasi & ayam goreng...
Pertamanya sih ga ada yg menarik, tetapi ketika saya selesai makan,
ada yg menarik hati saya...

Ternyata, yg menikmati makanan itu hanya istri & anaknya.
Sedangkan sang bapak hanya melihat istri & anaknya menikmati makanan itu.

Sesekali. saya melihat. anaknya tertawa senang & sangat menikmati ayam
goreng yg dipesan oleh bapaknya..
Saya perhatikan, wajah sang bapak, walau tampak kelelahan terlihat
senyum bahagia diwajahnya..

Lalu saya mendengar dia berkata pelan.." mkn yg kenyang ya nak,
kan...hari ini tanggal kelahiranmu...
"Saya terharu mendengarnya..
seorang bapak dgn segala  keterbatasannya, sbg (mungkin) pemulung..
memberi ayam goreng warung tenda dipinggir jln utk hadiah ulang tahun

Hampir menangis rasanya saya diwarung itu..
Segera sebelum air mata ini tumpah, saya berdiri & membayar makanan
saya & juga dgn pelan saya bilang kepenjaga warung..
"mas, tagihan bapak itu saya yg bayar.. & tolong tambahin ayam goreng
& tahu tempe"........
Lalu lekas2 saya pergi.
kisah ini saya tulis utk bahan perenungan..
Bahwa Allah sdh memberikan yg terbaik utk saya saat ini...,
kita sering & biasa makan di Sushi-Tei, Kentucky, Mc Donald, Hoka Hoka
Bento, Pizza Hut dsb...
Padahal bagi orang disekitar kita, pecel lele pinggir jalan, adalah
makanan mewah.........

Sungguh tak pantas bagi kita klo kita mengeluh & merasa kurang....
Rasa Syukur akan mengantarkan rasa bahagia......

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Past Few Months Playllist

It's really be a great few months on my playlist. With so many artist around the world releasing new material I just can't catch up! You know, these past few months I've been listening to Perfume. Everyday, everyweek, Perfume is the only music that I've heard that times. And now, I want to share a little bit of my new playllist!

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