Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 Things : Hope, Wishes, Resolution.

YAY! 2012 Will be hit us in about 2 days and I'm very excited about that! But, before we smash into them I want to share my '2011 Things' that happened in my life (so far). You can call it a 'flashback' things or whatsoever, and maybe this post will divide to several post because it will contain so much things :>

Ga cuma yah yang sedikit personal, gue juga mau pangpang beberapa hal yang gue suka dari dunia hiburan selama 2011 baik Internasional ataupun lokal :) Here we go!

2011 will be officially end about 2 hours again, here, in West-side time of Indonesia. There's only 3 things that I want to share before 2011 gone and before 2012 come. Here it is :

I HOPE that personally, I can be a better person than this year. And, I really hope I can do my best for my school and studies even more. I want to be closer to Allah SWT of course.

MY WISHES, I onliy wish for a better mmmm life. I want to live my life, I want to be more what shall I say this, enjoying my life? Maybe. I wish that I can be a better kid for my parents and a good friend for my friends :)

MY RESOLUTIONS for 2012 is :
- Focus at school.
- Study more!
- Final Task or TA/Tugas Akhir doing well
- Get a good fieldwork job training/PKL of course
- Pass the National Exam!

Last, but not least, I will never FORGET about everything happened in my 2011 life so far. Whether it a good or bad one, I will crave them and keeping them in my mind. So I can learn from them be more mature because what? I have to be growing up to reach my goal; be a better better person :)

NB :
This is my last post on 2011 (uuu :'I), but don't worry! I'll try my best to keep this blog from a hibernate and I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! I already made another blog of mine that focus on music more! But, well, that blog will use Bahasa for the post and a little mix with english. But I will try to make an entire english post there too :) Feel free to visit!

Soooooo I can focus about my personal things on this blog :)

NB Again :
Thank you very much for anyone who read/visited my blog, especially all of you that came from another country (I'm Indonesian) and I'm sorry if I did sometihng wrong with my english. I'm still learn, though. So, feel free to give me a critic or any suggestion as long that can me or my blog better :)

The last NB! I promise :
Thanks Maharani Fitri Lestari Nurnia my twinzzz! Thanks for checking my blog every times I post something new :D Check her blog out!


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