Tuesday, December 6, 2011


FINALLY! All of paramore Singles Club has been released! The latest and last song from the installment, In The Mourning, released today (well, 5 dec internationally but in my country it's today, 6 dec). AND OH MY GOD IT'S SO UNEXPECTED! I posted some post about Singles Club and I haven't review it yet so i will give my opinion about this Singles Club :)

First of all, this EP is really something that try to prove that Paramore still be here with us after the split. All of these songs actually a bit darker for the lyrics and contain an anger feeling, loneliness and a sad story (well, that's my opinion).

Monster (Official Video)

Actually, Monster isn;t a part of Singles Club, but it come in the same time and record in a same time with the others and happily this song be the second single for Transformer movies. But however they're put this on the EP. It's just a great opening from their comeback. Just love it.


Renegade Live

This one (for me) is the real first single from Singles Club. Renegade bring something that remind me of the old Paramore (in a good way) and had a lot anger and emotion of it but still cute in the same time =)) But  I like the live version a bit more than the studio version.


Hello Cold World

Hello Cold World, it's a very very pop-punk influenced and really basic. But the lyrics all slayed me and i just like OMG when i heard this .___. I think this song is more of Hayley's Diary of Paramore. It's cool.


In The Mourning

We all have heard this song about one year and we heard In The Mourning in acoustic live performance, all of it. Then when Paramore performed it on FBR 15th and then mashed up this with Landslide it surprisingly fit! But then life goes on and today, when I heard the studio version of In The Mourning.............................
OH MY GOD! The studio version of In the Mourning really really defferent from the acoustic, because you know, we expected that this song is an acoustic song ._. However, they recorded it with a Country vibe. It's almost like a country song! I mean, no wonder they combine this song with Landslide. UNEXPECTED.

Overall, Singles Club give us, Paramore give us something more personal to their fans. With this samples, I'm pretty optimistic that they forthcoming album, will be awesome :)



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