Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Music of The Day!

John Mayer - Born and Raised

I'm not a fan of John Mayer. But I like his music. But, since John's latest album Born and Raised has been released and I owned it, maybe i've been his fan. And, this song is hit me. It's beautiful, the lyrics are so inspirational (and somehow I can relate my life to this song). 

Perfume - スパイス (Spice)

To be honest, this song is one of the first Perfume's song i've ever heard (the first goes to Polyrhythm, the second and third goes to... between this and VOICE). Spice is purely beautiful. The instrument, the vocal (even it's vocoded. But not heavy like their other songs), the lyrics, the PV, the dance (and the FULL dance on the JPN Tour! OMG) everthing! This song never failed to give me chill when I'm in a bad mood. Not to mention Spice is different compare to other singles theor ever made. It's totally great.


It's not like I will make something like this consistently every day, though :)


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