Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Post (16)... edited

Just been thinking about this :

It's true that being mainstream is not a good thing or bad thing either. But the fact that being mainstream, in other hands being 'generic' or 'same' like another, means 'mainstream' is like something hateful nowadays. I agree, sometimes I don't want to be mainstream. I kept searching something different like music, artist, movies or whatever else but that's not mean I do not like mainstream things. Because, you like it or not, mainstream things can connect you to someone else. Not everybody knows what you known.

And what I really meant is, like what I always said, whatever the things are, wether it's mainstream or not,  if you like it, you will like it. Ah, and, if somethings you like didn't mainstream, when someone else like it, and everyone likes too, it will be mainstream.

So, what's the point?



I want these things so bad :

- Harry Potter books full-set.
- if they will release it, Perfume JPN Tour Live DVD. I will try my best to save my money for it! I mean, in Rupiah, the cost will be between 300K and 500K so... o_o


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