Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When Lady Gaga's BTW Ball in Indonesia Canceled....

Great job, Indonesian!

Indonesian Islamic group and conservative law-makers or whatever they call has successed to make the police denied permit for Gaga's tour. CONGRATS!

First of all, you have to know that I AM a muslim (respect!) and a proudly Indonesia citizen. But NOT in this case. BTW Ball canceled because they said her sexy clothes and dance moves will corrupt the youth

will corrupt the youth

will corrupt the youth

will corrupt the youth

will corrupt the youth


Despite the fact that I am (maybe) will not attending the concert even it's not canceled, and that I just a casual listener for her songs, AND a muslim and Indonesian, I couldn't react better than DISAGREE with all of these argument!

I mean, what kind of 'corrupt the youth' that they're talking about? The sexy clothes? Everyone has seen the sexiest clothes from magazine (Indonesian magazine!), every-single-female-artist on TV and the most common Girlband and some of Dangdut performers! Dance moves? ARE YOU SERIOUS? You all might be never watch Tiga Macan (sorry girls, but it's true) provocative clothes and 'sexy' dance moves, and the other Orkes Keliling (I don't even know their name. In Bahasa)!!!!!!!!

Come one, again, what kind of 'corrupt the youth' that you think? It's not like 240 million people in Indonesia will come and see her concert, right? We are mature enough to be able to separate our own moral values from arts and culture and what's bad and good.

When we will be a developed country if something like this happened ALL THE TIME? In school, we thought about globalization culture, modern culture and HOW to take it and use it in our daily life without leaving our culture and beliefs.


NB :

How could this 


and this

 corrupt our youth? I don't even want to put those meat-dress on my body. Just watch it is enough for me -,-


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