Thursday, March 15, 2012


The truth is, my birthday was on March 10th (about 5 days ago). But whatever just happy birthday (to me)!!!
Now, I am an officiall 18 old years boy! So it means, I will face the fact that I am being older than any of my friends am.... I will say I am happy.

But that's not the main point on some topics I want to share right now. But the fact that I'm 18yo now, the only thing that I am 'aware' is I have to grow, being more mature. No time to think or act childish. It don't mean I can't act childish, actually but it's more like I can't think like the way I used to think.

And, you know, It kinda weird the way it hits me. Suddenly, I want to take some part-time job or something like that just to earn my own money so I can buy something on my own. It is really simple yet I never think about it even once (well, I do said about it but never really thought about it).

What I really meant is, everyday, every-single-day is a step to grow. Just don't let every single simple thing passed by. At least keep one of them and think about it. We don't know when we will die, right? :)


Nb : Something missing and I don't know why. And, I just want to say sorry about this post, don't know why =))


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