Saturday, March 24, 2012


The Hunger Games (Movie Poster)
FINALLY! After a long long long wait, I watched the movie! You all know (may be not) that I'm a huge fan of Hunger Games Trilogy. And I was so so so excited when I heard that The Hunger Games (The first book) would be a movie! Today (the day after it release) I watched it with my friends, yosef, adul, chantik and ayu but that was not the point hihihihi.

Honestly, the movie was something I don't expected. The story flows well, the original story from the book itself not change too much (even Madge wasn't there), and it very very very... good! You know, sometimes when a book will be shoot as a movie, there will be a slightly difference or even different stroly at all from the book (like in Harry Potter movies, there were so much part they cut for the movies, and it sucks). But, gladly, there were not doing that for The Hunger Games.

For the act itself, it's perfectly fit (for me). They're really fit to my imaginary of Katniss, Peeta or Gale and everyone in the book. And something unexpected happened so many times, like, I don't even imagine the first fight in Cornucopia would be so.... terrifying. And when Rue died, then Katniss sang a song for her, I'm not cry, but it really gave me goosebumps untill the end. Oh, and I don't even know, when Katniss do the district 12 wave (the 3 fingers part, I don't know the name of it), people from District 11 would be so rebellious.

So, The Hunger Games movie was so good. It's amazing. Really capture the imaginary of the book and made perfectly well. It's something I'm not expected, but it's good. I really enjoyed it. The book is my must list book and the movie is the must be watch!

Oh, And I can't wait for Catching Fire to drop next year!!!!!!!!

Here's The Hunger Games official trailer :


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