Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Post (14)

Recently, I like to mix or make a tracklist of some songs to my own tracklist, such as a setlist for a tour lol.
It's like.... imagine Ayu Ting Ting is... wait, she only have 2 songs. Okay, imagine if Ayu has more than 2 songs and you really like them all. Usually, I will play them all on shuffle mode so I will curious, like.. 'Oh, what will she play after this? OMG! I love this song! OMG OMG!'.......... well it's not 100% happened like that but, kind of. :>

And, like what I said, I (now) like to make a playlist like 'My Own %Put your fave name here% Tracklist'. Use Ayu again, it should be 'My Own Ayu Tracklist'. So, I will imagine what song should be the opener, the next one, after that, the break, the calming song, the jumping song, the blabla song and then the ending or even the encore lol what am I doing.



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