Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT! *Serasa Orang Penting*

Actually, it seems so 'something that I should've done earlier' thing but you know....... 
Maybe, for a while i will NOT post anything in this blog and my tumblr either because... i just can't.
I DO HAVE a time to open the browser and surf the net but  I DON'T HAVE any inspirations to be a post. Well, I DO have inspirations but sometimes (so many times) it just ended up being a draft. And I think it's better left behind like that rather than I post it with half-heartness kind of thing and it will makes the posts even worst.

So..... I DO WILL keep posting, but I DON'T KNOW when. If the waves of inspirations (and willingness) HIT me so hard, I WILL posting this. Afterall, I DO HAVE so many things that I want to share but, I just can't post it yet.

Thanks all! (If there anyone read it)


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