Thursday, September 8, 2011

In The Mourning, Monster Renegade~

You've might be knew that I'm is BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG (I can say those word for a million time but.. i should not do that-skip) FAN OF PARAMORE!

And maybe you have heard about the band broke up tragedy (The Farro's brother left the band), and Paramore (Well, it's more about Hayley) expresses they're feeling on put into a song their called 'In The Mourning'. It just.. sad. So deep and so break-my-heart but in the sametime it feels so strong.

Paramore - In The Mourning (Record for the first time)

Then when I realized that they will release more songs before they working on new album I just "OH MY GOD WHEN WHEN WHEN!!!!!" yelling in my room, alone --_-- And The first song released (as a single) is Monster! Monster  is official soundtrack for Transformer : Dark Of The Moon (2nd Single actually)  made it their 2nd movies single (The first is Decode for Twilight). When the first time I heard it, I'm just so excited it's friday friday and my tumblr filled with Monster =)))))

 Monster Official Single Cover

Paramore - Monster

 Monster has a anger feel i though, it's about a betrayal, self-defense and a victory at the sametime (LOL). And the good things from this song is it feels new and fresh from them. I just loved it, looooooooved it from the first time I heard (I remember the whole song in hours :>). The lyrically so Hayley-ish and i think it's stabbing Josh and Zac (just in my opinion). This song is the actual comeback for Paramore and, it's fire! :)

The second song-to-be-release is Renegade. The first time i heard the title i though it's about a weapons (I don't understand what it mean, English is not my mother-language so sorry for my bad english, i'm trying hard in here :>) LOL. When I knew what is Renegade about, I guess it's about Josh and Zac again. Well, it must be hard for them being left with such drama and news. But, NOW when I heard the song for the first time (They're performed this song live, the mastered single not release yet) I still think the same hahahaha.

Paramore Live at Fueled By Ramen 15th Birthday MTV Special - Renegade Premiere 

Renegade came up with more rebellious style, more anger and more yelling high notes. Hayley sang about how She always been Renegade and i've been reading some of comment for the video in YouTube and they say it's about her faith. But let me tell you something : I DON'T CARE ABOUT HER/THEY FAITH AFTERALL BECAUSE WHAT I"VE HEARD ABOUT IS ART MUSIC FUCKING SONG not they faith. Well if they're have faith to their religions then it's good things :) I expect something like they told us about how someone renegade them, betrayal them but in sarcastic way. This song also came up with different style again, fresh, but contain some old-Paramore style. From the first time i heard Renegade, i have fallen for the first time <3

And of course, the last song they will release is In The Mourning. We've been heard this song for a while and can not can't love this song. This song prove how growing Paramore now. I don't expect to hear brand-new Misguided Ghost but In The Morning just... just beautiful. I hope they release it as soon as possible I HOPE SO :) Oh and at the FBR15th Paramore combine In The Mourning with Landslide aaaaaaaaaaaa I'm dying in heaven ~~~~~~~

Paramore Live at Fueled By Ramen 15th Birthday MTV Special - In The Mourning/Landslide Cover

And now, I read that The FBR 15th Performances is their last performances for this year (Ah you must be kidding me). If that's true, I just hope Paramore can finish the new album soon. I just can't wait to hear what will this Trio bring to us. AND OF COURSE, i can't wait to SEE THEM LIVE IN INDONESIA AGAIN and I HOPE THEY PLAY IN BANDUNG NOT ONLY JAKARTA OR BALI! :D



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