Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random 19

So, first of all.... TODAY REUNION WITH PURNA PASKHARA43 2007 IS FUN! Bisa lebih baik yah karna agendanya yang sedikit melantur dan ga ada satupun (!) kecuali yang kumpul di 43 nya itu terlaksana. BUT IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT EVEN WITH JUST LIKE 13 (!!!!!) PEOPLE THAT GOING AKSHAEWTUHAEJH FUCK YOU ALL WHO DIDN'T COME

I forgot to review some books, here's my alibi:
- The Maze Runner Series : I haven't re-read The Death Cure.
- The Hunger Games Series : The series still haven't yet come back to me since a long time.

And I have some books that I finished : Negeri Para Bedebah (The Land of Assholes if you want to know he), TRASH, The Fallen, A Tale Dark Grimm. I'm going to read Sybil. Hope I can review all of this shit books ._.

I'm still looking for Uglies and Pertarungan Jiwa Billy (Billy sequel book). It's hard as fuck to find it, somebody help me :(

Considering to make another blog to be my home for books/music review. I think book review.

Have a nice day everyone! Bentar lagi mau posting sesuatu juga huehuehueeee



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