Monday, August 13, 2012

Perfume's Spending all my time, the Single That Will Makes Your Faves Crying For Even Just Being an Group Music/Singer


Earlier Today, Perfume's newest single has leaked to the world wide web because of the earlier sale in Japan. And you know? For whom who can not afford Samt yet, it's heaven for me... AND OF COURSE FOR THE ENTIRE FANDOM TOO YEAH.

As I already stated, I'm FUCKING IN LOVE with Spending all my damn time! And it's already on my 1st top played songs on iTunes. Then comes THE AMAZING Hurly fucking Burly. Then not so far after HB, POINT placed. omg. I love this single so much.

Well, despite the fact that I love this single so much, still I feel not so satisfied. Spending all my time is a pure generic dance-pop, mainstream, the ugly duckling froom this single while it is the A-Side. POINT, not sure why I'm imagining Kyary sing several part on it, but the capsule's reminiscent is help this song a lot (at least for me). Meanwhile, Hurly Burly, is too long, the last part of the song is kinda let me down actually.

BUT heLL YEAH I STILL LOOOOVE DIS SINGLE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is their best single package after Spice in my opinion! That's all, i said, THEIR FUCKING BEST SINGLE PACKAGE!

I'm out. Spending all my time blasting to all of the song in Spending all my time.


Stream the song here!

Spending all my time PV :

Official Short Version

TV Rip Full Version

NB : too much cencored words i know i know


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