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It's that time of the year again that everybody make their list of what best/worst and of course I'm joining in! The only difference is that I'm not a professional reviewer/criticus/whatever but I listed everything based on my own liking. Beside, 2012 been an exciting year for me because I got a lot of lessons about music industry around the world. So for this year I'm going to make a different list for what's my favorite from 2012 and what I've found in 2012 but not exactly from this year!

For this list also I'm not gonna put it in any particular order, except for the top 10. Hope you like it :)

Rihanna - Numb (featuring Eminem)
Ga-In - Bloom
John Mayer - Born And RaisedLove Is A Verb
Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss
Christina Aguilera - Your Body
Perfume - Point | Hurly Burly *must listen!
Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath
S4 - Driving Me Crazy (Indonesian version)
No Doubt - One More SummerPush And Shove (featuring Busy Signal and major Lazer)
AKB48 - Sugar Rush
capsule - Step on The Floor | Feelin' Alright *must listen!
Lana Del Rey - Cola *must listen!
Taylor Swift - Safe And Sound (featuring The Civil Wars)
MEG - Seventeen Rendezvous *must listen!
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Drinker *must listen!
Ellie Goulding - Only YouAnything Could Happen *must listen!
Linkin Park - Burn It Down

TOP 10

10. Agnes Monica - Muda (Le O Le O)

It's funny for me because I don't really a fan of hers but I respect her a lot as a worker. And I don't expect her to make a song about empowerment because of her goal to going global. The truth is I expected her to release something generic like a dance-pop song, not this. Beside the  lyrics, I love this song because its similiarity to her Sacredly Agnezious's A.G.N.E.Z and, damn, this song is catchy! Le o le o leo, Eh!

note : you must hear her new song from her next Indonesian album titled Flyin' High and Hide And Seek because that's amazing! lol no what is Shut 'Em Up

9. Yamashita Tomohisa - Baby Baby*

I know nothing about him. But I absolutely know the man behind this beautiful song, it's Yasutaka Nakata, the god man behind Perfume, capsule, Kyary and (used to be) MEG. The acoustic feeling and his voice is a perfect match. This song really give me possitive spirit lol

8. Glen Hansard - Take The Heartleand

I love me some The Hunger Games. I love Safe And Sound. but THIS SONG is what The Hunger Game is! Clearly, Take The Heartland is refflecting what the tribute feels in Cornucopia. The song itself really capture the anger and makes me want to jump and headbanging (while I'm alone, of course)

7. Taylor Swift - The Last Time (featuring Gary Lightbody Of Snow Patrol)

Honestly, what I fell for this song is Gary's vocal.

6. Lana Del Rey - Ride

You may not like this song at first listen, but when you listen it more, you will LOVE it like I do. Lana can easily make us, her listener sad right just because a song.

5. Perfume - Spring of Life

You all know a LOVE Perfume to death but really, this song is really is perfect! I couldn't describe it in one way because the verse is so sexy (well see the dance), the corus is like "FUCK EVERYTHING WE GONNA LIVE OUR LIFE COME ON DANCE, JUMP" while when the breakdown come maybe all of you will just passed out already. I've never in my life love an instrumental MORE than the actual song itself.

4. Ellie Goulding - My Blood


3. Utada Hikaru - Sakura Nagashi

This song is utterly beautiful, through the song you will be sad and calm and cry and sad but at the end, somehow this song being hard and like noisy and damn I couldn't find any words to describe its awsomeness. Hear yourself.

2. Solange - Losing You

How could her make such a sad song about a relationship that goes wrong way and breaking up in a happy summer-y vibe beat? Through the song, you'll feel so calm and happy and dancing but when you learn about the lyrics, it's all sad. One word: genious.

1. Perfume - Spending all my time

Fuck the haters. This song is a synopsis of MY LIFE in 2012. The song is my 1st in my iTunes library with 458 play (and keep updated). Even the beat is very VERY generic but its begging for your attention and will STUCK in your damn head for about FOREVER. I even already memorize the choreography.

*There is no available media to hear this song, if you want to hear it just google it for free download. If you like it, support them with purchase it legally from iTunes/cdjapan :)


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