Selasa, 01 Januari 2013


2012 has been the year that I got alot to learn, Good memories, bad memories, unforgetable memories, a lot of things happens this year! But we will still moving forward, right? So..


The only thing I wish for this year is we will gonna be a better person than last year. Whatever you achieve, it's important to be who you really are. Change but don't change! Keep positive, keep dreaming, keep working!

In other words... I put the shuffle on and the first song I heard in 2013 is... Genki Sudo's cover of THE BLUE HEARTS TRAIN TRAIN! The lyrics are so nice and I'm gonna interpret it as I will moving forward and chasing to my goal, you know, 2013 is going to be though and so much things I need to keep it up.

Let's fighting together!!

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