Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

Perfume's 「Spending all my time」Covers Revealed!

About 15 minutes ago Perfume's has releases their cover art for their still-unknown-single Spending all my time! The covers follow the concept of Spring of Life and also prove UMJ commitment to change Perfume's image into futuristic-techno doll looking group!

At first I don't really like it, but on second look and third and go on go on........ I LIKE IT! Maybe because I like simplicity design the most hahaha I LOVE the FONT, and the fact that they wearing uniforms and NOCCHi wearing SKIRT! My life is complete.......

Then, here are the covers!

Concept Promotion

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Tracklist :

1.Spending all my time
2.ポイント ※「キリンチューハイ 氷結やさしい果実の3%」CMソング
3.Hurly Burly ※「キリンチューハイ 氷結」CMソング
4.Spending all my time -Original Instrumental-
5.ポイント -Original Instrumental-
6.Hurly Burly -Original Instrumental-

1.Spending all my time -Video Clip-

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