Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick Reviews: Divergent, Red Lights, The Maze Runner Trilogy as wellas The Hunger Games.

Like what I said in the title, i'm gonna make some quick review about something I recently just read and think about. And I post it through my iPod so sorry if there's a typo. If my there's some grammar error, well it's my pure mistake :) so enjoy!


I bought it last weak on Saturday and finished it within' 10 hours. This book is amazing! If i can't compare it to Harry Potter, I AM sure Divergent is as amazing as The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. In Divergent, I could find something different about the dystopia feels. I will post the entire review later. But Divergent is A MUST READ! I just Invergent (the sequel) is release as soon as possible in my native language version. I do hope that, this trilogy will be a better 'package' than another trilogy that I had read.


Because this is an Indonesian novel, J should use Indonesian. Jadi, jujur gue udah hampir jarang banget banget baca novel karya anak negri. Bukan karena ga berkualitas. Tapi selera hehe. Novel Indonesia yang gue baca juga bisa diitung sama jari, sebut aja Tetralogi Laskar Pelangi (yg di sindir dj novel ini ._.), bukunya Raditya Dika, Poconggg, Kening karya Fitrop sama yg terakhir itu 5cm(yg Insyaallah gue review nanti yaaaa *telat). Buku ini cukup intense buat gue, cerita yg diangkat kuat dan blak-blakan, berani. Secara garis besar buku ini punya plot yang cukup kuat walau mungkin bakal ada yang sedikit gigit jari sama narasi pikiran-pikiran tokoh utamanya haha. Intinya, buku ini suprisingly good. Review lebih lengkapnya menyusul oke!

update (14/06/12) review bisa dilihat disini.

3. The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner dan Eragon series

I'm done reviewing THG and TMZ actually, but NOT the entire swriwa. The fact that I had finished the series, so I can 'complete' the reviews. As well as Eragon series, the Indonesian version of 'Inheritance' will be releases on June 25th so after reading it, i will do a reviews!

Nb : Blogging in a touchscreen things is s**k. Ugh.


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