Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Perfume's Best Single Package

It's not a secret anymore that, recently I keep posting about Perfume. And I can't help that i love them so much hahaha. And, i want to share my thought about Perfume's single. Perfume has 20 singles. 2 of them were the Hiroshima(local) debut singles, 3 from Indies era and 15 from their Major Label debut.

You must know that Perfume released their singles in a Japanese Market way on releasing single, not like many of western/modern musicians nowadays (or Digitally). They're releases all of their singles in a CD Package with the main song as an A-Side and coupling song as a B-Sides then some bonuses like original instrumental or extended mix. And every singles has their own style, even in the end some of these singles will end up in an album.

What I like in every Perfume's singles are, the concept. The concept of their singles are so unique, the could stand as a single and when it end up on an album, somehow it'll perfectly suit. Then here my list of Perfume's best singles package!

1. ELECTRO WORLD (エレクトロ・ワールド)

Electro World Cover

Electro World was released in their Major Debut era, their last single before Complete Best album. In this era, Perfume being crowned as a "near future technopop unit". And Electro World picture this image perfectly. Electro World is a solid single. Their single cover, PV or Promotional Video for the A-Sides, even the B-Side Wonder2 is strong enough to be an A-Side. Despite the lack of CD sales, Electro World, without a doubt is one of their best single (and favorite) among their fans.

Electro World PV

2. POLYRHYTHM (ポリリズム)

Polyrhythm Cover (Right Regular Edition, Left Limited Edition+DVD)

Polyrhythm is their best single package, and i mean it! The A-Side, the B-Side, the PV, the cover and the history behind it releases which make this single is the best. Polyrhythm itself is the best techno-pop I ever heard, the song is so catchy, the bridge, the polyrhytmic part is AWESOME, and the PV is beautiful. The B-Side, SEVENTH HEAVEN, I don't know why it left-out for GAME album, SEVENTH HEAVEN is an amazing dance track! It's so fun, dancable, the lyrics, and somehow, this song make me sad ._. Along with Electro World, Polyrhythm is always be a part of their setlist concert up until now.

Polyrhythm PV

3. SPICE (スパイス)

First of all, I will never understand why is everyone underrated about Spice. Well, I know that Spice is less 'fast' than GLITTER but come one, how come Spice can be the A-Side if Spice is not good? In other hand, despite the controversy around it released, Spice is a solid single package. The A-Side is solid and the B-Side is strong enough to be an A-Side. Both of them has a beautiful PV, hte dances are awesome and their image for the single is different, the fact that they're becoming sexy and more mature. The A-Side itself offer a new side of Perfume. And I think, Spice is Perfume best single coming from JPN.

Spice PV




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