Thursday, January 19, 2012


When the background and the model were.......
Do you know them? No? Okay, I will introduce them to you...
They are PERFUME! Idol group trio from Japan. (From left to right) A-Chan, Nocchi and Kashiyuka. They are about 23-24 years old and are the biggest electro-pop/techno/female group in Japan after Speed with only formed about 10 years ago and debuted 5 years ago.

And I knew them for about several weeks ago by accident and, now, I'm totaly in love with them! I mean.... I did some research before I make this and decide I 'love' them then I got something interesting..... They always (not always like 'every' but almost on every songs) lipsyncing. AND IT DOESN'T EVEN BOTHER ME! Why? Because, actually, I hate lipsyncing singer so much but with them? I just can't.

When I saw their live tour, the MC part actually (When the group talk to the crowd) they're seems happy, enjoy it, honest, even with their Tokyo Dome concert (They first Tokyo Dome concert, only prestigious artist/musicians can do a concert in there. ONLY. PRESTIGIOUS. ARTIST.) in the last MC for Encore, they were crying :(((((( And, well, I think that was cute and sometimes when an artist being so big, they will forgot about their root and yeah you know what I mean, aren't you?

Skip about that, I just want to recommend PERFUME to all of you guys who came to visit my blog! They're already released 3 original album called GAME, ⊿ (Triangle) and JPN and a lot lot lot of singles. REMEMBER! THEIR GENRE IS TECHNO/ELECTROPOP! SO, IF YOU EXPECTING SOMETHING LIKE BEYONCE, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, CELINE DION OR EVEN SOMETHING LIKE RIHANNA AND KATY PERRY, GO AWAY :D And you have to bare with the auto-tune because.... just enjoy the music!

Here my favorite (songs/pv/live) from them. I'm just had known them about a/2/3weeks and I'm already in love with them, It's crazy hahaha :

Perfume - Spice

Perfume - Polyrhythm

Perfume - Chocolate Disco

and here is the video from their Tokyo Dome Concert when A-Chan crying :


NB : Oh, ya, Recently, because Perfume, I just thought that..... whatever the music called, whatever the genre is, we can't compare or judge the songs/singers because what they produce. Because, every musics was made for different ears. You might be like that, you might be hate this, but you know, sometimes music was made to fill some moment in our lives, whether you like it or not. And you have to admit, even the worst song in this whole world, if they had a good beat, you'll start shaking your hands, your toe your anything else and enjoy the things, right? So, I just want to say, let's appreaciate every musics, songs, because music was made to make our life feels alive :)


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