Friday, October 19, 2012

My Past Few Months Playllist

It's really be a great few months on my playlist. With so many artist around the world releasing new material I just can't catch up! You know, these past few months I've been listening to Perfume. Everyday, everyweek, Perfume is the only music that I've heard that times. And now, I want to share a little bit of my new playllist!

Solange, Losing You

The first time I heard this, it was like.. 'what??' then I was like.. 'this is great'. In the end, I really really REALLY LOVE this song. Beyonce could never. I mean, 4 is good, but, if 4 should've been done this way. I love me some Solange now. Beyonce, step back.

Carly Rae Jepsen, KISS

I don't give a single F about Call Me Maybe. Sure, the chorus is catchy as hell but I just don't like it. At that time, I'm side-eye-ing (how do you write that) Carly. But, when her KISS album releases, damn I've been slayed. Lol, no entirely but I love the first six tracks, even CMB. But Tiny Little Bows and This Kiss is my jam *Bow Down*

Nelly Furtado, The Spirit Indestructible

HOW COULD NELLY FLOPS SO HARD???!! I mean, TSI is hella good! I don't even like Loose (except Say It Right, Promiscuous). Parking lot, High Life, Spirit Indestructible, Enemy.. omg. How could, Nelly, Why are you flopping so hard? I don't understand why.

Ellie Goulding, Halcyon

Anything Could Happen is everythin I need. It slays me. Even the album, it slaying me so fucking hard. Well, I don't really care about the first 2 songs and the last 2 songs but from Anything Could Happen towards is really great. I love how happy/hopeful the instrument in Joy was, but the fact that the lyrics are so sad... My fav are Anything Could Happen (obviously), Only You, Joy, Figure 8, Joy, Hanging On. Ah, I love me some I Know You Care, kudos to the end!

Ga-In, Bloom

Wow, I've never thinking about liking K-Pop song and then.. it's happen. I love Bloom so much, it's so damn catchy! You must watch the video thougt.. so racy~~~

miss A, I Don't Need A Man

Well, to be honest, I like some of miss A's single. they are the first ever girl-group from South Korea that I like. And this song is really gave me that good feeling, it cheers me, and makes me really, don't give a fuck at my misserable life.

Taylor Swift, Red

Yes, I have heard the leaked album. But no, I'm not regret. Well, I don't even a fan of her, I only like Ours, Mean and Mine from hers Speak Now album. I'm kinda dissapoint if an artist change their direction just because what's popular. But, Red turns out to be good, I think. State of Grace and Red, also The Last Time shits on every other songs on the record though.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Fashion Monster

I don't know why, but I never get into Kyary's A-Side :( I don't really like Tsukema Tsukeru (and the package itself), it takes time for me to love CANDY CANDY and I prefer Demo Demo Mada Mada than the A-Side (eventhough I shade DDMM at first) and fucking in LOVE with Choudo Ii No extended mix. And now, I don't really like Fashion Monster except the super-duper-mega-catchy chorus (How could you don't like repeated lyrics like FASHION MONSTAAAA FASHION MONSTAAAA lol) and the post first chorus (I think it's called bridge?) when Kyary trying to be a sexy rocker lol idk. The B-Side 100% No Jibun Ni just an Ok for me. But, hell, I LOVE TSUKEMA TSUKERU EXTENDED THAN THE ORIGINAL. It should have been the A-Side! Even that means Tsukema Tsukeru will be an A-Side for the 2nd time.. I don't care! The extended is PERFECTION!

No Doubt, Push and Shove

Ah I can't think about this. It's awesome. It's perfect. I love No Doubt. Kudos for One More Summer, Push and Shove, Undone, Heaven!

Perfume, Spending all my time/Global Mix

You don't think I will passes them on this playlist, do you? As I previously said on some post back then, Spending all my time is my fucking jam. It's been top my iTunes alongside with Hurly Burly and Point. It's funny this single is on my top 3 most played! And the Global mix for Chocolate Disco and MY COLOR... I don't know why but I prefer these mixes than the original. I don't care how Chocolate Disco is their 'most important live song blah blah' but this shit is shittin' on the original eventhough the original doesn't need a remix. MY COLOR I just love it! i don't know why, it happens to me a lot with Nakata's work. Prefer the mix than the original.


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