Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Post (11) : The Brand New Cinderella Ending By Putra And Sam

The teacher told us to made a different ending for Cinderella after the Prince found Cinderella's house, so here it is! *If you like a happily ever after ending I suggest you to NOT read this hahaha.

When The Prince entered Cinderella's house (that he didn't even knew), somehow Cinderella was the one whom opened the door. And without any second thought The Prince told her to try the glass-shoe, and it was fit! Cinderella confessed to The Prince that she was the girl who had come to the party but runaway after. The Prince was very happy and keep hugging her and want to married her, of course Cinderella accepted his wishes. But, her stepmother wasn't happy about it. She brought a knife and killed them both. Her two ugly daughters seen their mother killed The Prince and their stepsister, they were shocked, the stepmother laughing out loud and being crazy.

Then, Cinderella's stepmother and her two daughters live happily ever after as a prisoner in an asylum while Cinderella's glass-shoe, being a curse to every girl who try it.....

the end.


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